Why wool and everything you didn’t know and couldn’t ask…


Who has wool? Goats, rabbits, alpacas … fortunately, we use wool of sheep origin, the best Serbian varieties.

What are the important features for you as a customer? Wool has a natural property of regulating temperature. The inside of the fibers takes in water vapor and the outside fibers deflect water.

It dries much faster than cotton.

Compared to its total volume, the wool product contains about 85% air, a real natural, bodily airbag😊 , and a perfect heating body.

The fiber is capable of accepting up to 33% moisture relative to its own weight.

It doesn’t get wrinkled.

Wool types: merino, coarse and Crossbreed, depending on sheep variety and processing.

NITI wool for kilims comes from Pirot and for blankets and socks from Zlatibor Mountain. Both types of wool are famous for their quality.

Wool has been used for thousands of years, not losing but gaining in popularity.

Be part of the best material.

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