The NITI project is a concept firmly rooted in design and based on handmade products, created using traditional manual techniques. In NITI, rugs are more than just decorative objects. Instead, they become a system of shapes and volumes that redefine the concept of habitability. In the rich textile tradition of Serbia, carpet-making is one of the most beautiful examples of its cultural heritage. The skill of weaving is a matter of pride in the traditional culture of Serbs.  The most important thing when it comes to weaving is that  Serbian families pass down their carpet weaving skills as a household craft, from generation to generation.

Weaving is not only a craft but a source of family income as well. Therefore, this project aims to encourage the employment of vulnerable groups (women, elderly, unemployed), preserve traditional craft and stimulate local economies, while also creating a contemporary Serbian brand. More than simply providing new business opportunities, NITI project offers a stronger regional identification and gives ordinary citizens a reason to take pride in the country from which they come. 

After all, when people appreciate the intangible values of their own region, they are happier with the place where they live.

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