Baby blanket Mila



If in stock delivery time 7-10 days.

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Weaving time:

100 x 100 cm – 30-45 days

Please check the weaving time before ordering.


100 x 100 cm – approx. 600 g

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Interesting facts...

Baby blanket “Mila” is the first NITI product ever made and that is why it was named after my mother Mila. Without my mother’s support in every possible way, NITI project wouldn’t be possible so this a small thank-you gesture.


Blanket + baby stroller + evening walk + mom and dad

Blanket + baby’s favorite fairy tale +granny and grandpa

Blanket + wonderful music + hugs

Blanket + sledge + daddy first snow

Blanket + friends + a bunch of toys on the floor


100% local wool from Serbia.

Our products are made from natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly.

Hand wash separately in cold water with as much water as possible to allow for movement.

Avoid harsh detergents. Use liquid detergent for wool without bleach and softener.

Always pre-dilute your detergent.

Careful drying is really important. Lay flat to dry.