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Kilim Roses

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If in stock delivery time 7-10 days.

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Weaving time:

6 – 12 weeks depending on size and production capacities.

Please check the weaving time before ordering.


55 x 120 cm – approx. 600g

90 x 140 cm – approx. 1200g

140x 200 cm – approx. 3000g  

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NITI Roses 1NITI Roses 2NITI Roses 3NITI Roses 4

Interesting facts

KILIM „ROSES“: Named after an old pattern of rose that has been multiplied in order to get give a kilim with a more modern look. The black color makes it elegant and the details in white, blush and olive give a touch of tenderness. Kilim Roses will enrich any interior!

Traditional kilims are valuable family heritage and with proper use, your great-grandchildren can inherit them.

Kilims do not have a reverse side.

Kilims have up to 50 hand-woven loops per 1 square cm.

Depending on the pattern complexity, weaving 1 square meter can take up to three weeks.

Kilims are handmade products so slight variations are expected.

That makes them unique!


100% local wool from Serbia.

Our products are made from natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly.

Vacuum clean regularly.

Do not wash.Do not soak in water.

Do not use any chemicals to clean your kilim. If necessary use a mixture of cold water and vinegar and gently clean the kilim.

If something is spilled on it, press on with a cloth to absorb the liquid. For dried residue use a brush to scrub it gently and vacuum the loosen residue.

Turn around your kilim from time to time, to equalize wear.