Good design is at the heart of all we do. We dream, we draw, we write, we manufacture, we sell with love, transparency, and respect. Because quality is our priority and love is hidden in the details.




Besides creating high quality design textiles that help architects to shape spaces and consumers to bring their personality and identity with tactility and colour in their homes, we also do interior and furniture design. We know that good design improves quality of life and that is why we are paying special attention to details and your needs. Therefore, if you want your house, apartment, office, restaurant, hotel to be unique contact us for more info at design@niti.rs.


We strive to add value to public and private spaces and to make a contribution to design and architecture. We actively influence contemporary culture and work on the popularisation of crafts.  We hold weaving workshops and we participate in events with architects, artists, and designers to educate our people in craft, design, and architecture.