Hello! I’m Ljubica Milutinović, founder of NITI Designed kilim and blankets.  I was born in the small town of Brus, Serbia. I am an architect living and working in Belgrade and also currently a Ph.D. candidate (researching architectural heritage) at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

My professional background includes working as an interior designer, an architectural surveyor on construction sites and as an architect in the city administration of Belgrade. I created NITI Designed kilims & blankets in 2016 out of a passion to create exquisite handcrafted products with the most talented weavers of Serbia and to bring something unique into people’s homes. I also want to use these products as a vehicle for positive social impact while helping to preserve authentic and traditional craftsmanship.

I have participated in numerous business and entrepreneurial courses in Serbia and abroad. My other passions include photography, illustration drawing, folklore dancing, reading, and long walks because all the best ideas come while walking…

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